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Okay so this isn't your typical historical drama (most of it takes place in present day) but it's definitely a must-watch for all drama fans!
Rooftop Prince centers around a Prince that is transported to the present day, and meets the reincarnation of his true love.
There is also an issue of HIS reincarnated self being possibly he has to pose as this future-self!


Seriously, one of the dramas that makes me laugh out loud constantly. And the female lead is totally awesome - not whiny or needy at all!

What's your favorite historical drama?

Ooooh tricky tricky lol but i would have to choose Bridal Mask, its not a Joseon era type historical drama, but it focuses on a historical time for Korea, and it has a beautifully written script and talented cast (JOO WON πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–)
Probably time slip dr.Jin because it has jaejoong in it haha but I like it's more medical aspect of things and that's whybi love it so much...
Faith or the moon embracing the sun
I'm always surprised by how much I like historical dramas, so I have a few I've really enjoyed. I guess one of my favorites would be Faith with Lee Min Ho. ...also Gu Family Book ...and a few more that I cant think of their names right now. .. :-)
TMTETS is good historical drama but my fave is empress ki
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