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Here's the second Chapter of the Fanfic. There will slowly be more characters added. This is a crossover fanfic.

Chapter 2: Settling In

After the girls returned from eating, they decided to do their old rituals; a bonfire. As they were unlocking the door, Chomper was on the other side waiting for them to come in. They had him a few months before they moved, and trained him to be off the leash. Chompers eyes were two different colors; from him having hydiochromia. Aimee unlocked the door as Chomper got excited to see his masters. He made sure to greet all of them, and followed behind. Arisa knelt down and rubbed his ears as he placed his paw on her arm. "Oh shoot. We need to make a run for drinks. Girls we have to go get cocktails for the fire, and we probably need to pick up some wood as well", Aimee did a quick run through of the house to make a mental list of what they needed. "Bailey, we have a spare bedroom, go put your things up", Jojo collected her purse off the counter once more. When they all met back up downstairs, they left to the store. Aimee jumped in the driver's seat and hooked her phone up to the car, to play music. The girls were participating in rock paper scissors to determine shotgun. After a few minutes, the game got intense as Jojo and Arisa were the last ones standing. "You're going down Jojo! I'm taking the seat watch!" "No you aren't! That seat is mine! See.." just like that, Arisa crushed her scissors. "Really? How did you?" Arisa flipped her hair and smiled, "I can't reveal all my secrets can I?" They joined the other three in laughter and took off.
The store was huge, which meant Aimee had to watch over her sisters since they liked to wander. "Okay! We need a lot of alcohol, it feels like a piña colada and playdedoh/jungle juice kind of night." They started to collect the ingredients needed for the fun filled night. "Oh Oni, we need food too." Arisa led them to the food section. They threw many snack items into the cart. Arisa started singing loudly in the store, which made the girls laugh. They began getting looks from people; followed by head shakes. Aimee, Kristine, Jojo, and Bailey were having trouble fighting back laughter. It felt like old times with them all being back together. The girls decided to join Arisa in Store karaoke, which they were only doing; not paying attention to anything around them. As they turned the corner of the aisle, Arisa stopped suddenly. Not meaning to, but not having complete control, Aimee slammed in her side. "OH my god Arisa! Are you okay?" She ran to Arisa but got curious as to what caught her eye. She peeked her head out towards the aisle and saw the guys from earlier. Not paying attention that she didn't have a hold of anything stable, she fell forward knocking things off the shelf. Arisa darted out of eye view laughing while Jojo tried to help Aimee up. Kristine looked at Bailey and they grabbed a hold of her ankles to drag Aimee back behind the aisle. Feeling embarrassed by what just happened, Aimee put her head in her knees to join the girls in laughter. "Are you okay unnie?" Kristine knelt infront of Aimee. "He saw me. I have to go die now." She stood up dusting herself off and saw Hoseok laughing. He picked up the things she knocked off, as well as making sure she was okay.

*Boys POV*

"Wow, those new girls from today are pretty guys." Jimin began making small talk with his friends trying to get advice, "Does Kristine look like a roses girl? I want to do something sweet the next time I see her." NamJoon looked at him, laughing at how his best friend was awestruck with the pretty girl from earlier. "Well, that I don't know. V, you might have the hardest time winning Joanna's heart over. You up for that challenge?" Not paying attention, V was lost in his thoughts. 'Why didn't I get the same reaction out of her, like they did with the other girls? I just have to try hard to win her over.' He finally looked up at his friends and shook his head. Hoseok and Jin were discussing their shy girls from earlier. "Their reactions were cute, huh? I wonder if she liked me saying I was her Hope? Her eyes are so bright, I wasn't expecting that." Jin smiled and agreed that Arisa was one of the prettiest girls he had ever laid eyes on. "Jin, where did you learn that classic move you used?" Suga became curious at his friends casanova move. "She's a lady Suga, she needs to be respected. I'm going to show her that. Stick with me and you might learn a thing or two." Laughter from the two followed his statement. They suddenly heard singing without music. "What is that sound?" They all started looking around for any indications of the singers. "Those voices sound strangely familiar. Hold on. I have an idea." Just like that, JungKook ran off to the aisle the singing was coming from. As he peeked his head, he saw the girls. He motioned for Suga to come over, so he could see this. As they were peeking around the aisle to the group of girls, they saw Arisa and Aimee peeking their heads out looking at Hoseok and Jin. They had to fight back laughter. Suddenly, they saw Aimee fall and Arisa ran off.

*Girl's POV*

Bailey and Jojo laughed at how clumsy Aimee was. Hoseok walked over and put the things on the shelf. "Are you okay?" In her current embarrassed state, Aimee muttered, "I'll be fine thank you." He ruffled her hair and chuckled as he walked away. After the embarrassing spout, the girls decided more than ever that tonight was a cocktail night. . . .

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