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Just a sign off logo for the Mercs with mouths! Thank you @kuzuri96 for your time with creating some of the logos for the crew! Mercs with mouths pick! Just comments the number below and I'll count it up by Friday. (I'm sorry for the long wait, I'm under the weather so.. I'm not out putting as much as I like in any community :() ✨ Same thing as usual if you are tagged and don't want to be tagged any more please DM me. I know that list needs a clean up job, I promise I will get to it. ✨ If you make any Deadpool related post please tag me, I would love to add it to my "deadpool makes me laugh" collection. Just tag @lavonyork as you can tell Deadpool is one of my favorite Marvel Character lol most anti heroes are.
@kuzuri96 created #1
@kuzuri96 created # 2
@kuzuri96 created # 3
@lavonyork created # 4
@lavonyork created # 4
@lavonyork created #5
@lavonyork created #6
@lavonyork created # 7

The rest of Vingle community can vote too. This logo vote is going on until Friday! Marvel Community please input into this faction of community it's totally cool cool with the Mercs. Omg Mercs we might need to give ourselves Merc "nicknames"

@lavonyork created #8
Just has to edit what is says and see if i can find a yellow bubble to have him talking about me. I love Fandom and miss my pc
number 7 looks awesome, let's try that one
I like one and seven. maybe if seven was cropped from the bottom .D.
#4 and 6
@LAVONYORK 4 6 or 7 all are super good!!! Four looks the most like a unique logo though!
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