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check tis group out
guys u have to check tis group out thy r amazin but thy only have 3 songs it's sad as u can c only 2 I put a picture the other song is from a movie tat my baozi babe is doin 'falling for challenge' I haven't watched the movie but I will hopefully soon anyways check out road boyz thy r amazin I'm in luv wth their song posion girl it's amazin even if it's short but do some reason their profiles rnt in Google search so here r their names
myo ha
I LOVE POISON GIRL♥ that song is fanfrickintastic. Its taking me a bit to like Show Me Bang Bang tho.....even tho it's the title track.
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@PassTheSuga I like thm both but I like posion girl better it's j so amazin
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