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BTS didn't win anything and weren't that close to winning for the ones they were nominated for here are final results
I was trying so hard to vote for Seventeen and Ailee and Apink. Yay Red Velvet made it. Bruh Big Bang number one for 2 things
BRUUUUHHHHH HWAT IS THIS DID BIG BANG WIN EVERYTHING THAT THEY WERE NOMINATED FOR?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I mean I like Big Bang and all but this is too much they should let other groups get awards
EXO most supported star again. I'm happy but at the same time not.
@Mangoducky it's okay every vote counts
They deserve more credit for their work, I mean, I Love BigBang, but I also really like BTS and I want to see them win something, too
it's because big bang, exo and super junior are really popular in China. China had 71% of the votes.
HOW did they not win best girl group omg I'm infuriated
@InnocentiaKishi I voted for them everyday!!!!
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