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BTS didn't win anything and weren't that close to winning for the ones they were nominated for here are final results
I was trying so hard to vote for Seventeen and Ailee and Apink. Yay Red Velvet made it. Bruh Big Bang number one for 2 things
BRUUUUHHHHH HWAT IS THIS DID BIG BANG WIN EVERYTHING THAT THEY WERE NOMINATED FOR?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I mean I like Big Bang and all but this is too much they should let other groups get awards
EXO most supported star again. I'm happy but at the same time not.
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Where is GOT7? 馃槸
i'm kind of pissed with the results. Not to start any fanwars or anything, but I believe BTS should've won Best Dance Performance Award. Agreed?
I know, I vote for them twice DX I'm sorry BTS if I let u down
@PajDuabCiHawj Nah. I mean I'm a huge fan of BTS but I love SHINee too and I'm hella happy they still kept their place as the best dance group. (especially over BB and EXO!) And BTS DID win best world performer, it's not like they didn't win anything