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no way!! I hope it's not a replacement bc EXO can't be replaced I would be sooo mad
ok so I heard tat EXO will become big brothers n subaes n hyungs to the new sm rookie group tat sm ent will have comin out in 2016 wat do u guys think?? is EXO bein replaced or is sm havin new plans or wat pls comment below on wat u think sm ent is thinking of doin
With the amount of fans and money EXO makes them I doubt they'll be replacing them. Lol but if they do then they're crazy.
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yeah I don't think they're replacing EXO (bad business move) but hoping to cash in on another big group. We'll just have to see what happens but I'll give the new group some love if they're good. If SM is smart they'll have them be active when EXO isn't so they aren't competing.
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@KellyOConnor true haha I wasn't thinking but hey at least thy r becoming big bros now haha
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