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jiyong: You smiled and waved as you walked out the door,telling the boys goodbye. Jiyong kept smiling at the door until Daesung smirked at him. "Jiyong forgot to tell her he liked her" jiyong finally processed everything. jiyong-"oh shit"
top:He realized he forgot to tell you his feelings when he watched your plane leave to go land at your hometown/city. He sat at his house acting like you were listening. top-i forgot to tell you i love you before you left
daesung:He was too caught up fanboying too much. His crush just told the boys that she broke up with her boyfriend who cheated on her.The rest of the night was cheering you up with games of beer pong. When you inally had to leave yongbae asked. yongbae-"you forgot to tell her didnt you?" daesung-"AISH of course i did"
yongbae: Gd and yongbae were posong for a photoshoot for 'Good Boy'. non stop whispering between them. gd:hey yesterday you didnt confess yongbae:*blushes and smiles and looks down* aish i thought i did and she rejected me gd:chincha?youre so cute
seungri:he didnt realize til the next day. you texted him asking if youre best friend was up. he questioned if he did or not.seungri-"wait did i tell her?yes i did no wait.....no im pretty sure....."
yay!!!another reaction!!! im so happy i finally picked a reaction im working on a scenario part one its going to be a............?x reader.....its a surprise !!!!! and its an angst and the ending depends on how many people will love it. im so excited...i will also accept more reaction and other scenario requests........so go ahead and fill up my message or notifications!!! 5
i love you guys thank you for putting up with my weirdness and randomness ♥♡♥♡ anyeong!!!
@xtrauserr where im working on a scenario like part1 part 2 its going to be great im letting one of my friends read for a sneak peek so itll be a little bit but ill also keep posting up reactions and talk to you bias ^^
Yay I loved this ^.^ I'm excited for another~