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[12 Days Of Parks & Rec] Day 2: The Superfan Holiday Wishlist

'Tis the season, 'Parks and Recreation' fans, to do many things - but most importantly, write that annual Christmas list for friends, family, and the man checking his list at the North Pole. (No, not Santa. He's outsourcing these days.)
To help you brainstorm, I've decided to use Day 2 of the Funny Community's 12 Days of 'Parks and Rec' to show you gifts ideas for fans of the show that you might not have known about. Add some of your favorites to your Christmas list this year - or, you know, buy something for a friend too, I guess. I can't tell you what to do. We're all adults here.

Anyway, shall we begin?

For the fan putting 'ovaries' before 'brovaries':

Leslie & Ann Split Heart Friendship Necklaces

For the fan who is the WooOoOOoorst:

Illustrated portrait of Jean-Ralphio

($13.94, OhGoshCindy)

For the fan who will never be able to fully trust the French:

A Polyresin Bust of Ron Swanson

($29.99, ThinkGeek)

For the fan who is probably also a cat lady:

Hand-Painted Nesting Doll Set

For the fan who gets Leslie's love of waffles:

Leslie Knope Maple Syrup-Scented Candle

($16, YoursEliza)

For the fan who treats themselves but also reps Batman:

'Treat Yo'self' T-Shirt

So, see anything you like? See anything you hated? What other 'Parks & Rec' things might you want to add to your Christmas list?

Let me know in the comments below, and look forward to tomorrow's 12 Days of Parks & Rec card!
Also, if you haven't played yesterday's Park & Rec Secret Santa Game, feel free to check that out here. (Hint: No one's gotten it right so far!)
Omg yesss I just now got to see these... 100% want the maple syrup candle
Totally have my eye on that maple syrup, and that T-shirt, for me, I mean my family. (can get the shirt)
Oh man. I want that tshirt and portrait of Jean-Ralphio. For real. But I am totally getting that bust of Swanson for one of my brothers. Lmao. Thanks, sister! You've totally helped with Christmas shopping this year! *high five*
@cecilymvega Omg, I've.. randomly always wanted to live in New Mexico.
The home of hot air balloons, Walter white and Jesse pinkman, and high school musical oh and better call Saul...it's New Mexico @danidee
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