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So you may think I'm about to go into Yamcha bashing mode... but nah, enough people out there do enough of that. hahaha
Sure, compared to the Saiyans and the main villains he is pretty weak, but lets face it... he is only human after all..
Hell, when he was first introduced in Dragonball I was actually a fan. That Wolf Fang Fist was super cool at the time.
And does anyone remember the fact he was able to turn the gravity chamber off without actually being crushed? He's no Vegeta after all and for a human it was quite an impressive feat.
But over time everyone else in the series just seemed to skyrocket in power level and poor little Yamcha just got left behind... Wonder if it surprised anyone that Bulma left him for Vegeta?
I still can't get over how much Yamcha and Gohan look alike though... perhaps Chichi had a weak moment while Goku was away training... or dead... who knows? But on the other hand I guess Gohan wouldn't be able to go ssj if he weren't Goku's son, so that theory is shot. In closing, Yamcha's not all bad... he just couldn't keep up is all.
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Quite honestly I agree @literateprimate But like I said near the beginning of the post I was trying to not rag on him too much because everyone else already does, and I try to not follow the crowd. :p Even though he truly is quite pitiful. haha
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@ nberry1620 I agree he does get ragged on too much but.... it is really hard not too.... Especially considering other characters like Mr. Satan and Yajerobe. Both are weaker than Yamcha (even combined) but technically have done more to save the planet than Yamcha ever had. However, Yamcha still has done more than Chiaotzu. So.... at least he has that.....
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so sad
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I actually agree. Yes I do make fun if the guy but once in a while I say things like 'for a human he's not bad'
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