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For real... what happened to you Gohan???
He used to be so bad ass, it's kinda sad to think this was basicly his peak..
and now we get this... :( so sad..
I just wish he could have remained a cool character.
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raise your hand if you have seen dbz resurrection F✋✋✋
2 years ago·Reply
u weren't the only one upset cause the creators did that to Gohan I was so mad cause Gohan is my favorite
2 years ago·Reply
I might be condemned for this but Gohan was never my favorite character because he let piccolo die. all he had to do was dodge.
2 years ago·Reply
I know right! I was so disappointed... I was stuck on that the WHOLE movie. 😢 Bae used to be so cool. I wish they made him stay that way...
2 years ago·Reply
True story
2 years ago·Reply