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Hi Hello @LaurenStrayhorn! I'm not sure if we've met yet on here but I'm Kelly and I heard you've been having an extremely tough time. I'm so sorry bunny I really am. Reading the card you posted made me so sad and mad that you've had to endure it all by yourself. But you aren't really on your own anymore because you have all of us to lean on now! And while we can't be there with you in person, I can vouch that we have some pretty amazing people here in this big 'ole Vingle family that make for an awesome support system. We're all here for ya! I didn't know any of your biases or fav groups but I saw my EXO loves on your card so I got some pictures for you to hopefully smile over.
Some of my favorite pictures of the guys I hope you like them too!
Some lovely advice from some smart guys. It's inevitable that we're going to get hurt by things in life but we don't have to let it control us. I know it feels like it but you won't feel like this forever. It WILL pass and you CAN overcome it. The most important thing us to find someone ANYone you can trust and talk to them. I talked to the school councillor when I was in school and had to talk to someone. I when in almost everyday before classes began and we just talked about anything I wanted too. And it did help a bit. Another important point: everything stems from YOU. YOU have to believe you're important and beautiful and worthy of better before anything will change. And you are. And my bae JunHyung with the best quote ever, because let's face it the two-faced people are worse than the ones that'll say it to your face. It's a double whammy of betrayal and hurt from someone you thought you could trust. Throw those people away, they're like a disease.
Just some of my favorite quotes/sayings for when I'm feeling down. It really is true that what we allow is what will continue. So don't let them see how their *excuse the language* shitty behavior gets to you. I've found the best revenge is to ignore them, hold your head high, and just smile. It's hard, my goodness is it hard to do, but after enough times of not getting the reaction they want they move on. And it might get even worse before it gets better. But DO NOT give up! That would be a tragedy to let them control your life. Try and find things outside of school you enjoy, groups or activities that don't involve school to join. It'll get better when you graduate and most of those popular kids or backstabbing friends won't find it so easy outside high school in the real world where there's a heck of a lot more people who will condemn them for their actions then stand with them. I hope this card (though REALLY long *^·^*) helped you feel even the tiniest bit better! I'm here if you ever need to talk about anything or just nothing at all. Feel better bunny!!