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SNSD Yuri and Soo Young - Two Girls and Flower
Don't you think they look gorgeous in white?
looks super beautiful in white, she both are the prettiest I'm in love with the two
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@edjdl0 totally! I'm a girl and even I fall in love with their beauty ^^ are you a fan of SNSD?
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@chasinghapiness explain well, you fell for me or talk about them
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@chasinghapiness and if you're nice like them send me one photo to my email to see how you are, I'll behonest I like the most beautiful women with pretty face and sexy body, but do not use another picture of another girl, I like the sincerity, i not like lying I hate it too fast and everything ends or as a friend.
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SNSD Yuri and Soo Young - are my girls Flower princess
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