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Alright, I tried to ignore my thoughts and I tried to watch and really listen and pay attention to the meaning of the song... it's quite plane actually. Anyway, guys I swear, I did try and be serious and think "The whole point of the song is to be sexy, right? So, Luhan, I will say it is sexy..." That lasted 1.2 secs.
Every time I listen to this song and hear the lyrics,
"Ooh, Ooh, I'mma try to get you in the MOOD."
The only thing that the emphasizing on those oos is doin' to my body is putting me in a confused state. I'm still lookin' for that damn cow that sounds like it's in my backyard. And it's making me want to drink some milk - I dislike milk, a lot!.
I hope ya'll are havin' a gOOd time and a mOOre of a better week than I am.
Have some milk, it's good for ya, and while ya'll are at it listen to the music video... WARNING: High risk of shooting the milk out of ya'll's nose! Careful!
I like the beat I just don't like that he rhymes every last word
Yes, I know! Like it's a pretty good song, but the 'oo's are killing me, and the video graphics are really interesting and easy to catch the eye. I mean I am a supporter of Luhan's but this is not one of my favorite songs that he has done.
Not gonna lie the whole time I was like does this even make sense?
okay i am dying this is so bad im so sorry luhan hahahahahah the OOOOOOs
and for the record! that is NOT how you blow in a flute! I played for six years, never once did i have to make that obnoxious sound lol