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Why you should watch Fairy Tail:

Fairy Tail (or FT) is an anime about a guild of wizards called Fairy Tail. But the view is of the strongest team of wizards! FT has two main Characters, a pink haired boy named Natsu, and a blonde haired girl named Lucy. Lucy in the beginning, wanted to join Fairy Tail. Natsu is the guy who helped her become a Fairy Tail member! And then Lucy joined Natsu's team.
Natsu uses Fire Dragon Slayer magic, a magic taught by his adoptive father, Igneel. Lucy uses Celestial Spirit magic to summon celestial spirits like Virgo, Scorpio, and Lyra!
Gray and Happy are two other characters. Happy is actually Natsu's battle partner, with wings to help Natsu fly in the air. Happy says Lucy is heavy, but the thing is that Natsu looks heavier than her! Is that what all of you think? Gray is just a guy who uses Ice maker magic. And a weird habit that... you'll have to watch the anime to find out.
And then there is Erza! In the beginning, she is discribed as a creepy monster. But in the middle of the series, Erza starts to either develop or show a soft or childish heart. Until someone breaks her picnic time OR kills her cake. (Never kill her cake!)
Overall, I think you should watch Fairy Tail because it is funny! Heads up:Sub = swearing. Dub = No swearing.
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Now you messed up because gray, Ezra, and happy are also main characters and Wendy later becomes a main character
I don't need a reason to love FT 😒....but great card dude 😁 👍
first I've never heard anyone refer to fairy tail as FT and second what do u mean gray is just a guy with icemaker magic he's one of the main characters he's more than just a guy
should I watch this after black Butler or something else
Fairytail is Life I have a necklace, a phone case , and I recently ordered Lucy's keys
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