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Hey everyone!

Since there were quite a few people who were excited to get working out together, I'm uploading the next work out card! Two episodes have been English subbed since I last made a card, so we'll do two workouts today, ok?

Episode 7: Clapping Push-ups and Squats!

>>swipe right to see the video<<
Alright, it's time to strengthen your chest and then your legs! I can't stop laughing about how much they talk about bra size in this one, but whatever, the work out is OK!

Episode 8: Dancing again!

>>swipe right to see the video<<
We already learned this dance in episode 6 (check this card if you missed that one!) but here we're doing it again, and we get to learn more about ~the dark Shion~ who's arguably my favorite of these characters, so I really enjoyed this one ^^

Tagging the Ani Tore! EX Workout Club!

(if you want removed or added to this list, just let me know ^^)
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This is gonna be fun.
It's nice to add stuff to my routine but I can't help but laugh at the characters the whole time
@Jason41 Sammmmeee honestly hahahaha I feel like I watch once then I try the exercises the second time XD
@hikaymm it ruins my form when I can't laughing at them
Dang!! The channel that was subbing these got taken down :( You'll have to watch it on crunchyroll!