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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Mousou鈾xpress by Kana Hanazawa (Monogatari S2)

Monogatari is one of those animes that I has been in my "To Watch" list since forever but I never had the chance to watch it or I forget. But I do have to say the soundtracks are more than enough for me to bring it up my list. They are all so original like this one. It has a very soft voice with an indie rock music style plus the cuteness all over it.
Here's the full version as always and it has parts that you cannot listen to in the short version, and it sounds amazing. Also, Kana is a name you will remember if you watch this anime as many songs from the anime are performed by her.

Zenbu~ Zenbu~ Zenbu~ Zenbu~ Gah it's so good!

Lastly, here's a remix which still sounds awesome but instead of a calm and cute tune is now the song has full electronic style and the DJ did a splendid job with this one.

Have you heard any songs from the huge collection the "Monogatari Series" has? If so which one's your favorite?

Close your eyes and listen~

For those who want to be tagged or removed, let me know!

ohh okay the vimeo one works. I'll try getting around youtube. but in general I like the upbeat nature of this toon. it feels bubbply.
@VinMcCarthy Yare Yare...Youtube has been like this for a while now *sigh* I added another one which is also a full-version but it's a remix but still sounds pretty good though. Hopefully that one works for ya :S
ah damn that youtube video says its unavailable in my country : (
duuuude this is the vibe. This is my type of tune. Cute voice, groovy music. I love this one!
Youtube has been a real putz the past year or so... it did the same thing for me when I clicked on it the first time. But then when I reloaded it was fine. x__x Bleh.. @RosePark @VinMcCarthy
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