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While writing the first of my preview cards for upcoming Winter 2016 anime, I found a character design that I'm already in love with: Yukari from Divine Gate!
With some more research, I found out that Divine Gate is an ongoing RPG, so she already has cards and multiple outfits and stuff!!! AND THEY'RE ALL ADORABLE. This outfit is my favorite of all the ones I've found so far!

Let's learn some facts about Yukari:

- High school student
- 17 years old
- Loves pickled eggplant and sweet bean jelly.
- Makes the pickled eggplant by cutting it properly with her scythe
- Avant-garde style
- lives in the Nightless City of Demon World
- does not have a boyfriend because she does not like men
- she once joined a character election in hopes of getting a vote from the girl she loves
- she's really a Young Demon Empress who governs the Demon World
- wears glasses in private
- her eyesight is bad because she used to leave the lights off wen reading, even at night, because of her childhood friend (who was also a thing of darkness)
Yes, I've already found pictures of people cosplaying her and want to cosplay her ASAP! The cosplay itself wouldn't be too hard, but the scythe would be a big Project for sure!
(Cosplayer: Sameki)
I won't give you the rest of her stories (there are many in the game) but here's a bunch of her outfits that come with them!
Someone did something really cool and put together her whole story if you want to read it, but it might lead to spoilers for the anime so be warned in advance :) Here it is~~ Anyways, I'm super excited to finally meet this character for real when the anime comes out!!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds her adorable & can't wait to see the anime!!

That is so awesome @hikaymm
@MajahnNelson Right!! It's so cool! I think many of the characters in this will have scythes
she looks cool mite wach it
@schiz I get that lol I just tend to fall for characters quickly, just get a feeling they'll be the One XD
But maybe with green instead of purple.
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