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"Ayo Ladies and Gentlemen~"

My staff and I are proud to present to you, the V.K.M.As (Vingle Korean Music Awards) ^^

Last year we hosted the Vingle K-Pop Awards thanks to @kpopandkimchi and the rest of the staff at the time :D ...This year we are kicking it up a notch, and incorporating all Korean music genres, from Instrumental to EDM and everything in between ^^
*We will not be including the releases from December 2015 in these awards, as our cutoff date for releases was November 30th...don't panic though, all the releases from this December will be included next time!*

There will be rules to the voting of the awards, the rules must be followed to have your vote counted, so please make sure to read each voting card carefully, so that we can count your votes!!!

we will fill you in on those later though, for now there is still some work for us to do before everything is ready, the awards will be held throughout December (Except for around Christmas of course ^^) and into January! We haven't set a particular date for the winner announcements yet, so I suggest you follow the V. K. M. As collection to make sure you don't miss anything!

The first voting card will be out soon ^^

Thank you for reading!!! Please tag your friends so that they can see this, I'm going to tag a few of mine ^^

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yey I'm thinking MAMA the Vingle way :))
Can't wait thank you!!! @exoexo
Thank you for tagging me @ MadAndrea
@Kyokeo you already can ^^ its started, there are two categories to vote on so far, you can find them here ^^
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