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So @kpopandkimchi decided that this week was VIXX week!! Yay! I'm so excited! Today is Wednesday, Hakyeon's day! So, I figured I'd talk about how I got into VIXX.
It was last year, in 2014 whenever I came across their music video for Error. I had only been a Kpop fan for about a month or so. (The story on how I became a Kpop fan is for another day lol.) Anyways I clicked on the video and bam I knew my heart was doomed. And then I saw Hakyeon. Of course I had no idea what his name was at the time, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. His eyes were so mesmerizing. I knew then there was no going back, I had to look up their names. I watched all of their videos after that, then I found Voodoo Doll. I realized that I had watched that video sometime in the past whenever I didn't have a YouTube account. I remember I had tried to find the video again but failed miserably. It felt like fate that I had found them again! But anyways enough of the past. Hakyeon aside I love the rest of VIXX just as much (just a slight favoritism for Hakyeon.) Ken is too much, I love how funny he is, plus he's adorbs. Then there's Leo, who I feel like I really connect with because I can be extremely quiet around people I don't know. Then Ravi and his rapping, I love how different his style is. Hongbin reminds me a bit of myself too, his chocolate bar abs are to die for! And then there's Hyuk! I'm the same age as the maknae and he gave me extreme feels when I went back and watched the MyDol show. He was so scared about not getting along well with the members, look at him now, he's too cute!
Anyways back to Hakyeon! (Sorry this card is so long!!!) I love his tan skin so freaking much! I hate when other people tell him he should be whiter, I'm a red head and people are always telling me I should want to be darker or tanner. So it kind of hits home whenever people comment on it. I don't mind when the members do so, because most of the time they're teasing but others, no!!
So, my question for everyone is, what's your favorite thing about our lovely leader N? And how did you get into VIXX?
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I like his smile and eyes.. I found them last year we with their video voodoo doll
@VeronicaArtino Same! Is he your VIXX bias?
sadly no Leo is my vixx bias...wait for me card tomorrow
@ChaErica I feel like a lot of kpop fans used to be into that scene too a few years ago...so funny how much we've changed hahahahha
@kpopandkimchi Haha yes, I went through an anime phase for like a span of five or six years and went I started college I began taking Japanese. It's so freaking hard! I should've just taken Korean!