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Hello, guys and girls of the Funny Community! If we haven't met yet - I'm Dani, the Funny Community moderator!

Lately, we've had a bunch of new Vinglers come into the community - which is great! - but at the same time, I've noticed that the cards lately have been missing some key components.

Want other users to comment, like, and clip your Funny cards, ie: memes, YouTubes, etc.?

Follow the card-building tutorial below to make sure that it's a card that will attract tons of potential new friends!

(Note: I have an iPhone, but if you've got an Android and are looking for something similar, @shannonl5 made a really great card tutorial for the Marvel community!)

Step 1: Open your app and click the 'Write A Card' icon.

On an iPhone, the icon you have to click to create your own card is on the top right of your screen. (If you don't see it, you should make sure you're on your Home screen first!)

Step 2: Write in the card's title.

In order for people to want to click on your card, you should write in a title. (It also will help users find the card via the app's search feature.) What is your card about? Pick an appropriate name and write it there.

Step 3: Fill in the body text of the card.

In the picture above, I wrote 'Write a caption.' This is where you should start writing the body text of your card! Even if you're only posting a picture, a meme, or a YouTube you really like, no one is going to want to interact with it unless you explain what it is or how you feel about it. (Sometimes I like to end with a question, just to help give people something to discuss!)

Step 4: Jazz it up with some pictures, links, or YouTubes!

Did you see that circle with the + sign in it on it in the picture for Steps 2 and 3? Click that, and you will be directed to a screen where you can upload pictures from your phone, embed YouTubes, or link to other information you might want to share.
(Pro Tip: Whenever I post a screencap from my phone, I edit out all the black screen around it before uploading it to the card. It looks so much better.)

Step 5: Select your card's language and collection.

Chances are, if the writing in your card is in English, you should select English. As for collections, as you use Vingle, you might want to organize your account based on what you're into, ie: "Easy Dinner Recipes" or "Funny Cat Stuff".
This meme card, for example, would probably go into my "I Know That Feel" collection, the one where I publish all the cards with jokes I can seriously relate to.

Step 6: Choose which communities your card will publish to.

To me, communities are like magazines, and your card is like an article. Based on what you wrote, which communities would your card fit in? If it's about this week's episode of 'Bob's Burgers', it will probably be best in Funny, US TV Series, or even US Animation. However, it probably wouldn't fit in communities like Moroccan Food or Japanese Anime.

And that's how you create and publish your very own card!

If you guys have any more questions about how Vingle works, feel free to ask me or my moderating support partner-in-crime @InPlainSight. I look forward to seeing some hilarious cards from all of you in the near future!
@JasminMartinez Hope this helps
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d'oh...I felt bad
@InPlainSight I lied. I'm not allergic to peaches. Buhahah.
@danidee but I'm not, and that's the important thing...the pear (pair) of you awesome.
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