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One key element of having great pictures of your cosplay is knowing how your cosplay will turn out on camera! While there are a lot of ways to do this (like, trying on your own cosplay and doing a mini shoot with yourself to see what poses you like), if you're like me and don't have your cosplays yet, you can do a study of other people's photos!

Today I'll show you how I do that :)

1. Go on a site like deviantart.com or worldcosplay.net and search for your character and outfit that you want to take photos in.
2. Open your favorite pics.
3. Study what about the pose makes the pic work.
4. Practice it for yourself!
Let me show you how I'd do this for the character Nozomi Tojo from Love! Live School Idol Festival in her Rapunzel Fantasy outfit :)

Pose 1: Laying Down

Because of the focus on hair & shoulders in this outfit, this kind of pose is great! If done in the grass it's even better, because it really suits that environment & matches with the vines/flower aspect of the look. These cosplayers managed to lay in a way that shows off their figure & the cosplay itself, as well as the hair, which is the most important part of Nozo-punzel ^-^

Pose 2: Accessory Shots

Other than the hair, there's a lot of accessories that can be used with this cosplay to make an even more beautiful shot! It seems like using something like a bird cage, a book, extra flowers, or something to pose will make the shots look even better, so I should look for one of these things and practice with it!

Pose 3: The Look Away

The real key to the pictures of these that I like most is actually the expression that the cospalyers have! The look away look suits this cosplay well - not quite looking at the camera, but at something else. I know that those shots are @yenra 's specialty, so I'm excited to try them with him!

And there you have it!

Just find pictures you like, study them, and then practice, practice, practice! I also like saving them to my phone so that I can access them pre-photoshoot to show my photographer something I'd like to capture, if possible.
@AshelyJewell I have before, but this time around I"m just purchasing them because I don't have a sewing machine right now or time to make anything -_- ;;;;
@AshelyJewell I'm really excited!! XD
sounds like fun.
Is that girl you, or just photos you like?
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