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I made this edit heheh ^_^ NEVER GIVE UP! That's my modo.... I go to the gym well I started going in the beginning of this year and well my goal was to lose weight and thank God I did heheh I weighed 270 pounds but I went down to 230 pounds =^_^= heheh in this time period of me working out and losing weight I was also watching naruto.... And MAN (funny to say this lol some of you guys might think okay crazy but) this ANIME really motivated me and pushed me to not give up on my goal! It helped me not to give up on my working outs just like naruto never gave up on becoming HOKAGE! There so much I learned from this anime show and one BIG thing that stood out for me was NEVER GIVING UP!! Naruto says it a lot in the show and he shows it a lot!! And that moved me a lot cause before I even watched naruto I always told my self that "never give up" and if people asked me for advice that would be my mane factor of my advice too to "never give up" so me watching this anime show Really motivated,inspired and really moved me!! Like I don't know Naruto impacted me a lot And I'm telling you this Naruto was not a child hood anime for me lol I just started in the beginning of this year watching it x) I'm almost done with it too heheh but what I'm saying is that Naruto really is a AWESOME anime like man I don't know how to say it But this anime has blown my mind completely The story of it it's so perfect and amaZing in my opinion. I honestly take my anime serious LOL I'm crazy I know heheh i do watch anime to entertain me too but I always focus on what is it teaching me :) and 90% of the time a anime show is always teaching me something good :) the other 10% is cause the anime is making me laugh and entertaining me ^_^ which I also love hahah but yeah just wanted to share this edit pic of mine and how much The Anime show "NARUTO" has impacted my life ^_^ :) to all of you my vingle fam!
My advice for any one out there reading this! NEVER GIVE UP! If you have a goal or a dream Keep on pursing it Keep on pushing towards it YOU WILL REACH IT!!!! Even if starts to get hard and your world starts to turn dark DONT GIVE UP You can do it! You get knock down? Get back up!! You trip and fall? Get back up!! @shannonl5 @LAVONYORK


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@MrsCahoots thank you ^_^ it was hard :/ lol
Very sweet. Congratulations on your success. I hope that you continue to believe in yourself!
damn yo i mean to get all sappy faced but anime has really had an unbelievable positive effect on me personally. it's tought me that if im able n willing to take in people's pain n still show a big bright smile, it gives them to the strength n courage to do the same not just for others but for themselves. i love anime its means alote me.😊😌
Good for you! πŸ˜„ @ShaneColeman
Congrats on your wait loss I did the same thing but I never lost weight I gained it back in gains and for those that don't know what gains are there the currency of weight lifters :)