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I'm just sharing what I've found, I don't know anything about the previous rumors or the current people involved in this scandal:

What do you guys think!?

Yesterday, a Twitter account "wevebeenhere" claimed that Rap Monster constantly plagiarizes by using other people's quotes.

In November 2014, "wevebeenhere" wrote a quote on his Twitter:

“I’ll be your underline because you’re important”
In April 2015, Primary released a song called ‘U’ featuring Rap Monster, (lyrics written by Rap Monster also) which included the exact same quote.
Another Twitter account "radiordinary" also expressed his frustration because Rap Monster plagiarizes his quote:

In October 2014, he posted:

“When I lay down with loneliness, my bed keeps getting bigger”

On the same song, U, Rap Monster copied the same line into his rap:

This is not the first time Rap Monster suspected of plagiarism.

Left : BTS - Hold Me Tight lyric
Right : A script from Kim Gae Ri fragment poetry
“I should’ve just given in, why did I argue all the time?”
Left : Dynamic Duo - Pricious Love released in 2011
Right : BTS - Just One Day released in 2013
"In the middle of a beautiful night I’ll confess, with the moon as our light"
Left : Dok2, The Quiett, Beenzino - Illionaire Gangs released in 2012
Right : BTS - Born Singer (released in 2013)
“And let the haters hate on me. 걔네가 늘상 해온 일” (= and let the haters hate on me It’s a day job they’ve always been at)

I'm still an ARMY, but I worry about how this will all turn out...

What do you guys think?

@CreeTheOtaku It could come back in a bad way but I see nothing wrong with it. Artist do this kind of thing all the time, though he should've change the quotes up a bit so the wording wasn't exactly the same. Artists play off each other.
Plagiarism is bad but my professor once told me that "good artists copy, great artists steal." We are all influenced by what has been done in the past. To just copy, is to take something that already exists and not run away with it. But to steal an idea, is to take something of value and make it your own. To make it yours, you have to interpret it your own way. Rap Mon may have stolen lyrics but the meaning of those lyrics in his songs mean something totally different to him then in the original. So I don't see a problem with it, especially as an artist. It helps you improve from what you had before.
I feel like people just are over reacting. I'm sorry, but that is just how I feel.
@Kat711 We're actually having a completely mature conversation. No one has said anything bad about him, if fact most if not all of us agree that it isn't plagiarism. This is a repost of what was posted on another site and we're adding our input, that we disagree on it being plagiarism and giving an explanation on why we think it isn't. The only immature comment on this entire thread has been yours. No one had started drama and we aren't spreading rumors or hate. My take is that we all love NamJoon as well as BTS and we're simply worried that it may have a negative effect.
I have to agree with @Emealia They were giving their input and disagreeing with the rumors(posted above). I read through all of the comments. I know the majority of these girls are NamJoon stans, so they wouldn't be disrespecting him. It isn't good to jump to conclusions, and starts a misunderstanding like there is now. We feel that these rumors are malicious and they were giving input on it.
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