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Dear Vinglers, I've been gone for a few days now and will still be gone for a little while. I'm still Vingling a little here and there. I will be posting some pictures of food when I get back! Delicious, delicious food. Hope you're all doing well! "That for Which I'm Thankful" Photographer Katya Horner
@PiuPiuPENGUIN Aw, very cool, Penguin. You rock!
oh my god this picture is so gorgeous!! Oh my god, I need to clip it
@shoenami Ahahahahahahaha! I'm dying of laughter. Here! There! Everywhere! I'll say it here too, I miss you too, sis. I'm in Texas right now on family business, but I'm doing well. I also hope you're doing well and keeping an ever vigilante eye on JGL and Ryan. LOLOLOL!
I miss you sis! where have you been? and more importantly, how have you been?
Thank you all @carlosdang @Tapsamai @cheerfulcallie Yah, miss ya'll alot. I will make sure to post what pictures I have, though there aren't many. I've mostly been staying home with my mom. BUT, there are some pictures to share when I get back. Definitely, sis! Love you too!
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