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Hello, fellow Rick & Mortians! It's that time of week again - time to talk about all things 'Rick & Morty' with another show-discussion themed card.

Today is much more of a news update because a lot has been going on with Dan Harmon and the rest of the 'Rick & Morty' production team, so without further ado, I give you...

The Good, The Bad, The Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

First off, welcome to our new members: @11cody, @Esarosa, @RinOkumura53, @CurtezWillaby, and @MajahnNelson!

Now let's get this party started!

The Good: Win a chance to voice an alien in Season 3!

The creators of 'Rick & Morty' have teamed up with the (RED) Foundation to create a special contest for fans that also helps raise money for AIDS research. If you donate at least $10 to the (RED) Shopathon, you become eligible to win the chance to fly out to LA with a friend, stay at a 4-star hotel, hang out with the cast, and record the voice of an evil alien overlord that will be killed off by Rick in Season 3!

The Bad: 1 year and 3 months until the new season.

Dan Harmon has confirmed that, yes, the show won't be returning until March 2017. However, Dan, Justin Roiland, and select members of the cast will be hosting a special improvised episode of the show titled 'Rick & Morty: Season 2.5' at Cinefamily's Animation Breakdown Festival on December 11th! (Fact: This is sold out. Double Fact: I will be hunting like a crazy person for any type of video/'live-tweeting'/etc. going down.)

The Wubba Lubba Dub Dub: Rick sells Carl's Jr now.

Adult Swim has teamed up with Hardee's/Carl's Jr. to create a 'Rick & Morty'-themed burger commercial which began airing this week. Basically, the company went from ads featuring soapy models washing cars to ones with an old and drunk genius scientist and his socially awkward grandson. Is Rick Sanchez the new Kate Upton? Yes, probably. I hope so.

So how are you feeling, my man? Like you've just experienced a glimpse of hope? Or maybe like a Gazorpian just tore out your entrails to play a very advanced form of Double Dutch?

Anyway, let's discuss. And, you know, if you don't follow the Rick & Morty Fan Club collection yet, make that happen. The party bus waits for no one.
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@danidee hahaha! EXACTLY what I was thinking, too. Great minds...
2 years agoReply
it's fine I can still watch it right ^-^
2 years agoReply
basically @danidee but we have reruns and hope lol which is good enough
2 years agoReply
Still counting down 馃槱
2 years agoReply
@danidee if I could pick, probably something with distinction. like Admiral Fleeklefarber III
2 years agoReply