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OK, so I'm not as old as this guy, but at age 30 I'm starting to feel like I may be one of the oldest, if not THE oldest person posting in anime and gaming. Am I crazy or is that the case?
@VinMcCarthy @BuddhaClaus You aren't Old in the least. I'm 33, and if you go to @LAVONYORK 's page you'll see another 30's person. And even if you were in your 40's or 50's [Older even!], you are never too old to indulge in something you enjoy. You are not the only person out there, trust me.
@ShinigamiSan This is totally turning into "you know what grinds my gears" post... If you follow Family Guy and Peter had a show and he vented! Lol as much as they (Vingle) might try to keep the community pure, it's the younger generation that breaks the rules the most! Lol
@LAVONYORK Oh Highschool of the Dead was an awesome Anime! But yeah it did have fan service but it's not considered hentai, even though it was made by a producer that usually makes hentai.(which is the company's excuse as to why that particular Anime has so much fan service) Highschool DXD has a very simular problem because it's based off of a harem. No Game No Life? We brush off the obvious harem that was going on. There's also the problem that some 15 year olds cuss and post hentai, while others will shun both and report it. Sorry I kinda just started venting there. 馃槄
@LAVONYORK I'm in your Marvel and Funny community as well, and the audience is predominantly young teenagers. Frankly I think the Vingle app itself should seperate "adult" cards like hentai and cards with gore and profanity away from others so that the younger audience can be blocked from or at least warned against such cards. I don't believe, however, that we should be forced to censor ourselves because this app attracts young teens.
I tend to get annoyed with all of the 12-16 year olds on here. It seems like they're EVERYWHERE in the Anime community! Same thing applies to Insta and Twitter. I was beginning to think I was just surrounded by teenagers. It's nice to see that there are some older (but not old) people enjoying Anime.
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