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Let's be real, running in any climate kinda sucks. Unless you love running, then I envy you. Anyway, running in cold weather can be one hell of a challenge -- especially when you don't want to leave your comfortable warm me....right now. If you want to run and the temperatures are dipping into oh-my-god-it's-fucking-cold, here's some tips! ;)

1) Dress For The Weather

You'll want to bundle up! And if you really want to keep warm, invest in fitness gear that's made to heat things up when it's cold outside. This includes thermal underwear, wind pants, and face masks.

2) Run During The Day When Temperatures Are Warmest

A few degrees warmer can really help. Try to go for you run when it's the warmest, which will most likely be the middle of the day.

3) When It's Cold And Wet Outside...

Cover up with more than extra layers, cover up with plastic! This might be a combination of the worst weather ever, but with some plastic covering, you can avoid getting wet on your run. You can slip your socked feet into plastic bags before putting on your running shoes.

4) Warm Up Before Your Run

This is especially important if you're running in cold weather (you should do this even when it's warm out!) A warm up will get your blood flowing and it will help prepare your muscles for the run. You can do your warm up indoors. This can be a 5 to 10 minute dynamic workout such as high knees, jump squats, and lunges.

5) Get Warm After Your Run

Once you've finished your cold run, you'll want to find warmth asap. Mix sweat and frigid temperatures, and you've got yourself a cold ass problem. Make sure to change into dry clothes immediately!
Ahh I usually hate running in the cold but the hot, warm shower after the run feels sooooooo good!