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What Do You Want To Know About Lifting?
Anyone who is interested in lifting weights for the first time? What are some of the things you're interested in learning or you need help with?
I know there are a lot of fitness gurus in the Fitness Community on Vingle who can help, so maybe we can all help each other. I also used to be a collegiate powerlifter, and now I just lift weights for fun.

What are some of the things you wanna know about lifting weights?

Let's help each other out!
Let's start with...we shouldn't lift in heels. :(
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Haha I want some high intensity lifting routines that I can finish under 30 minutes!
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Hey @mchlyang I think i've mentioned this before, but the pyramid training is worth checking out. It makes good use of your time by giving you a really awesome workout.
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@alywoah Yeah I really should! Thanks for the recommendation!
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@mchlyang no problem dude!
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I dont understand people who train without shoes . wear socks and lift heavy . once a,man a,bencb press and had his neck crunched and legs up on chair completely opposite . told him to be care will break his neck with bar going down like a,bench press. what a idiot
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