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I will dedicate the whole 365 days/52 weeks to watching One Piece and Fairy Tail. I hear so much about these two shows but have yet to watch them. I've glanced at both but, haven't gotten really far. so in order to put myself in the loop, I will only watch these two anime for the whole year. I will keep you posted about what episode I am on and I will even let you know if I mess it up and drift from the main anime and watch another. Wish me luck. 720 episodes (and counting) along with five seasons. I have my life planned out. 鈽衡樅 p.s should I watch them in any order or it doesn't matter? Should I, watch ONE piece first or Fairy tail?
I have watched fairly tail for a long time and just started one piece like two weeks ago because of all these vinglers posting about it. fairy tail is amazing and one piece seems like it's going to be good, but I'm still in the collecting characters and stuff phase.
@Growlith I feel you on that. I'm not all that far past that point
dude one piece is going to make you want to give up in the beginning...just give it like 200 episodes lol...fairy tale seems childish at first but it gets better as you go
I think you should probably try watching FT first because it's shorrter and will take you less time to catch up, but thats just my opinion
I've watched all of both it won't take a year
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