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This will contain lots of spoilers, read at your own risk! Ok, who felt happy when igneel popped up???? Who thinks that the other dragons are inside of Wendy, gadjeel, sting, and rogue?
I feel like the other dragons are inside Wendy, gadjeel and etc. but I feel like they are not at the same time because only natsu's dragon came out....
Igneel better have a good reason for leaving natsu 馃槶馃槶 Like I'm dying to find out Comment below what you think also I know this is off the subject but crunchyroll is giving out free Japanese candy for people who sign up for the 30 day free trial... I'm already getting mines 馃嵀馃崿 @animegoddess101 Follow me on Instagram Thank you !!
I don't think dragons are in sting and rogue because there dragons were dying. they killed them. but I think they're in the others.
Dudeeeee I think they're inside them all... I have seen spoilers as to why igneel was in there... Kinda, I stopped reading them cause I didn't want to know anymoreeee
duuude I read the manga so I won't spoil anything for you but shit goes hard real quick!
not gonna say why but igneel has no chance to explain anything to nastu
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