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"Come here BMW."

Okay, maybe not BMW, but it wasn't that long ago that people were obsessing over naming their children after cars. You had at least one peer in your class named Lexus, Mercedes or Porsche [pronounced Por-shah]. Fast forward two decades and the new trend is naming your children after Instagram filters. Yes, you read that correctly -- Instagram filters. It's one thing to be different and innovative and then there's another thing to be just plain old, well, different. Don't get me wrong, different is good.
According to Baby Centre, the name Lux had increased by 75 percent this year when it comes to baby names. Don't be surprised if you hear an increase in the following names over the next year or so: Clarendon, Lark, Crema, Perpetua and Inkwell -- just to name a few. Okay, I'm kidding, but it's possible. We live in a world full of hipsters and anything different is cool. Our favorite lady, Chrissy Teigen poked fun at the idea and went on social media on behalf of herself and husband John Legend making it known that they would be naming their soon to be bundle of joy, X-Pro II. Now how is that for a laugh? Keep scrolling to check out the short video clip below.

What do you think about naming children after Insta filters?

Thoughts are welcome.
WOW......I am at a loss....(that doesn't happen often), poor children its not there fault, their parents are "mentally challenged".....LMAO
Haha! Some of the names are rather cute though. But I think "being different" has gone rather far lol @itiswhatitis365
I'm still trying to recover from beautiful baby Hashtag.
Haha! Yeah, it's a bit extreme @matildajgarrett
Wow...I don't even know what to way that would happen.
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