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"You are Awesome! Always remember that " That's what my father said to me when I was feeling low. That helps.. A mentor or a guide who gives you the support when you are at your worst, & tends to have a good feeling about yourself which is most important even when you doubt yourself . My mentor,my father always encouraged me to trust myself and do the right thing. To all vinglers: Guys you are awesome! There is nothing you can't do! Always trust yourself! There must be this mentor in each and every one's life: Vinglers do comment your own! Dedicating this card to @AlloBaber @nicolejb @Butterfly Blu for the comments and support.
I take this as a compliment-thank you. We might have the same father cause mine is the same
Most Awesomely Awesome
That means a lot! Thank you so much! @nicolejb
You deserve it :) @ButterflyBlu I hope all vinglers out there had an awesome day. We're happy to have you here @AkashBhojraj :D
You guys are most welcome! @nicolejb @ButterflyBlu
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