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Reading this amazing book on entrepreneurship by Peter Thiel. Zero to One offers a good advice for budding entrepreneurs like me. Hopefully I would like to build a good product in the future and help mankind.
What kind of business would you like to start? Did you like the book?
Liked it a lot.. working on a software product
So would like to start a biz in that
Ahh, you sound like my brother. He is all about computers and software, too. He likes both software and hardware, though. He runs a small business building specialty computers. He really just does it for fun, though, not because he needs the money. (He works at NASA.) He just loves building insane computers...like interior lit, colored-liquid cooled, ridiculous computers, or modified exteriors that make them look like wood. Lol. What does your your software do? Do you want to say? (You can feel free to say no!!! I'd understand!!)
He works for NASA? Awesome! My dad went to the space station once in Houston. I visited the states once but didn't have time to go to Houston.. Speciality Computers!! That's amazing! Kuddos! Well I will tell you abt my software product after it's launched.. So keep your curiosity on!!