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Hahahaha Sehun's reaction!!!!
See it here!!!!
I was totally laughing when that happened. Bigbang and everyone was having a good time so it was fun to watch
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@Tigerlily84 hahaha I woke up my son!!!! But that was ok!!!! He needed to get up for school anyway lol.
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@glo86 I basically had my mom's cat and dog on pins and needles the whold time just waiting for me to yell again. lol
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@Tigerlily84 I know!!!! I fangirled soo hard when he did that!!!!
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@glo86 you got love some maknae on maknae love lol! And Sehun's shy reaction when Seungri put Sehun's head on his shoulder, was PRICELESS! Sooo cute!
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