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This was by far the best award show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' All my loves were there and it was perfect!!! MonstaX and Seventeen one stage=madness!! Bts and Got7 =perfection this was honestly the best show ever!!!!

(Ps am I the only one who thinks woozi looks like the little boy from polar express??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

All of my favorite people were there!!!! Truedy!!!! Truedy was there and she killed the performance she is one of the best rappers out there!!! Yezi killed it lil boi ! Basick ...San E insane!!!!!!! The. Jyp performed that was insane!!!! That man is how old and he's still got it!!! I loved jacksons reactions the whole time!!! Then let's get to the fact that my love Jessi killed it on stage with Ssennuni !!!!! Ughhh I was soo happy then I had a proud mama moment for my Bts boys and there comeback stage and the fact that they won the global rising star award!!!! Ughh all my loves won something and I'm soo happy right now !!!!!

And please don't get me started on BigBang......where do I start.......... I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO F**KING PROUD OF THEM!!

They have accomplished so much they are beyond talented and after all these years they've remained the same humble guys they were when they started!!! They never cease to amaze me!!! Ughhh I kid you not when they got called for the awards I cried I bawled like a baby because they truly truly deserve everything and anything that comes there way! They worked soo hard all these years and seeing how much people appreciate their hard work makes me soo happy honestly!

Ps. Thank you GD BigBang for blessing us with #demblessedpants And thanks for making me cry during your artist of the year speeches!!!!!! I'm mainly talking to you Jiyongi!!

These queens slayed life!!!!

Seriously not only did 2ne1 slay but CL slayed with Hello Bxtches! And my favorite song ever!! Then let's appreciate her lovely dancers!!!!!

And once again I am sooo proud of BTS as well they deserve that award more than anything!!!! I cried like a proud mama during their comeback stage and I'm not ashamed to admit it lol

And also congrats to my loves Ikon! MonstaX.Zion.T , Crush! San E! Exo especially their performance matter of fact their presence made me happy I'm soo proud of them as well!!!congrats on the awards loves!!!!
And can we thank the mama awards for bringing all my bias together under one roof for my enjoyment!!! And Let's all thank Seungri for being the best human ever and singing on Sehuns lap!!! Okay that is all lol it was soo worth being up since 3 I wasn't missing this for the world especially wasn't gonna miss my Jiyongi
they totally rocked 2015 and papa yg should be proud!!
it was great! I woke up at 6am to watch. ... not sleepy at all. .. did u see seungri almost cried during jiyong speech? 😒
i know..this is why i live yg..they give me genuine artist with no extra ads ons!! @Jiyongixoxo
@Craze4Halyu I know!!! All of them rocked it !!! Ikons performance was amazing!!!