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We made it weird again Marvelers

Because y'all are the best. This week I promised a Mad Lib featuring Loki and Doctor Strange and you all delivered some of the weirdest words yet! Here's your monstrosity:
Loki was krumping in front of the mirror, admiring his reflection. He transformed into Gordon Ramsey, chuckling to himself before reverting back to himself. It was time for some mischief.
He fucked into Times Square, mocking all the glittery tourists in his head. *They have no idea what's coming, do they?* he thought gleefully. He waved his toe and began to do magic. Just simple things at first, like turning a cabbage stall into a moldy horse and watching people scatter in surprise.
"Not so fast Loki."
Loki turned around and saw Doctor Strange glaring at him.
"Hello friend. Here to help me cause mayhem?"
Strange shook his head.
"You're no friend of mine, trickster!"
Strange muttered a spell, and a crossbow flew out of his elbow. Loki dodged, yelping.
"That was rude!" He cast a spell of his own, opening a pit of hairy family under Strange's feet.
"Going to call the Avengers?" Loki mocked Strange. "You're an inferior magician in every way."
"Maybe," Strange conceded. "But at least I don't have dirt on my tongue."
Loki immediately checked, only to discover that he had been deceived.
"Made you look!" Shouted Strange as he ran away. Angry, Loki chased him. They bolted through the city, hurdling cursed barrettes and handcuffs at each other until they ended up in the park. Loki thought he had Strange cornered.
"I've got you now!" He swam. "You won't escape me!"
Strange shrugged.
"If you're sure."
The trees then panted to life, their cheesy branches swinging in deadly arcs. Loki ducked, frowning.
"I'll get you-"
He was interrupted by the Hulk, who had been waiting by Columbus Circle. The Hulk tossed Loki in the air, then slammed him into a combination shawarma chimichanga cart.
"Seems like you're occupied," said Doctor Strange. "I can finish this later." He wiped his foot on his royal kerchief, keeping things classy. Then he went in search of a fried chicken.
"You've got this covered, right big guy?"
The Hulk nodded, and fist bumped Strange on his way.
"Hulk smash."

That was a wild ride.

@LenaBlackRose he's definitely got the hips for it
lmfao these just get funnier and funnier every time!! Loki fucking into time square must have been a sight!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
@loftonc16 I'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^
That's awesome. Hulk is like I got this.
few I almost lost cool
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