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So finally the pandora's box has been opened. I wonder what "disaster it will bring? What do you think is in the box with many locks? Will Kyoko be able to love again? Next chapter will be out on May 2nd. If you like my summary please leave a comment because I would love to hear from you all so I know that there are Skip Beat fans who read and enjoy my summary. :) Thanks!
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I saw the raw came out, but just could look at the pictures :'(
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I think that Kyoko is afraid of the box opening again because she remembers all the evil that came out of her the second time. She is terrified of falling for Ren because she doesn't want to feel that again. However, right at the bottom of the box (in mythology) is "hope". Maybe the author intends for kyoko to find that hope and learn that love isn't always evil :)
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I saw the English ver published today :). P,s: I think Kyoko herself has realized her real feeling for Ren and know what it is, but just trying to push or hide it away cauz she's afraid.
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I think that I might buy the english version of skip beat!!!!!!!!!!!
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