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Wow!! @xsandos17 let's get you a job as a writer for Korea drama .. you would seriously do a better job than most of the existing ones . hahaha. love it. can wait for the next one .. although I have the Second lead syndrome ... but it happens all the time . lol.
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@xsandos17 really? who are the characters? is it Markson? lol.. are you going to post it here? might think I have a dirty mind I am writing one on Markson. them as couple.. haha oh well .. but I stop... kind of gave up on it but on chapter five I started to have comments on it so I kind of continued writing.. but I don't know it feels like I am dragging it to much haha.. people like hot and sexy stuff. I don't know how to make those situation much..well let see..what the readers comment on.
@luna1171 It's not a fan fiction like it's an actual story lol and I even picked out my cast lol it's like a mixture of Dream High with BOF with Kpop Extreme Survival
@xsandos17 oh wow.. cool.. if you post it here tag me
@xsandos17 really ooo