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as some people are worrying that the new boy group will make exo less popular, I don't think that is necessarily true. EXO is immensely popular so I doubt that they'll be forgotten. EXO debuted after SHINee and they aren't forgotten. This will be like any other year or when a new group is added in the general kpop industry, just because someone new arrives doesn't mean the previous group will be shut down. Let's give these guys a chance huh? what are your thoughts on these?
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@luvexobts I'm a noona to half of ASTRO lol
lol age of the noonas
I agree with you. I don't think that they will be replaced because no other group has Ben forgotten when another group debuted in their agency.
One of them looks a little like Luhan the other one looks like Jin lol but I hope they debut I'm excited for another new group
I'm not sure if it's this group of boys exactly but they will be some from SM rookies