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@Jiyongixoxo Oh no! well I'm glad I got them then. I took as much screen shots as I possibly could. So I could share for the people who didn't get to see it.
@destiny1419 yeah lol I didn't want to risk me missing something but thanks for this again because I needed these photos in my life
@Jiyongixoxo well there is plenty of more to come I still have big bang, F(x), and BTS photos to put but it won't let me yet cause of how many cards I posted already :/ I took tons of pictures
am I the only one upset that jyp one over Jung yong hwa and that San e won over Gary??? like in the rankings Gary was first and so was Jung yong hwa. mama was hella fake 😩
@NydiaEdwards I was shocked when Jyp won and I didn't even know who San.E was