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someone tell me wht is her banki
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in one of the recent but not so recent chapters in bleach, it shows you her bankai. i cant really explain what it is (it takes on the form of like a supernatural being) but man its kinda creepy/awesome.
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She looks just like Shiranui Hansode. Can you really blame them?
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@jessicafoster73 I'm pretty sure that was only her shikai. But basically, for her Shikai, 2 monsters appear around her. Each one strikes with her, so basically it gives her a triple hit
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@jessicafoster73 that was just her shikia, THAT'S JUST THE SHIKIA!!! it's awesome Sanpo Kenjū, she calls them boney and lumpy.
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@TensaZangetsu98 Oh yeah i remember now i havent read that chapter in a while so i kinda got mixed up on it thank you for correcting me!
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