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It's up to you Marvelers!

Last week's Mad Lib was bonkers, and something tells me this one is going to be just as fun! You know how this works by now, but just in case anyone new wants to join in on the fun here's how it works: I'll give you a list and you'll fill in the blanks! I'll share the completed mad lib on Friday! Sound good?

Here's what this mad lib needs:

1. -ing verb
2. noun
3. adjective
4. singer
5. noun
6. noun
7. adjective
8. body part
9. adjective
10. adjective
11. past tense verb
12. body part
13. adjective
14. past tense verb
15. animal
16. past tense verb
17. emotion
18. noun
19. noun
20. noun
Don't let Thor down Marvelers! Let's make it weird ^_^
@danidee perhaps but I don't discriminate lol.
@amobigbang I feel like Youngbae's the size of Thor's hammer tho. Let's be real. Homedude is hella muscular but he's also kind of short lol.
@danidee thanks lol double combo for me.....Youngbae and Thor lol
Lmao @amobigbang I love your list. I'm picturing Taeyang meeting Thor, and I'm just like "...wat."
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