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For my first year of college, I went to a historical black college. One thing I learned while there was the power of the band.
The band, when utilized properly, can uplift the team and the crowd in a heartbeat. This week, at the Battle of the Bands Grambling State battled against Southern. With it's team on the ropes at halftime, Southern let loose a passionate performance of Adele's "Hello."
While the band doesn't march in this one, it isn't needed, as the group lets loose an EPIC performance of the song standing still.

Not only do the trumpets hit the high note, they do it at such a volume, it has to raise the hair on any warm-blooded individual’s neck.

The performance by Southern will surely make Adele proud on this one.
im from BR, Louisiana nd southern has one of the best bands in the country.
They played this really well. I'm not a bandhead or anything, but my bf goes here and showed me this.
oh band geekdom, how I missed you
needless to say I miss being in a band
When I heard them playing Hello...smh....beyond beautiful. The Jukebox never fails to deliver. I marched for 10 yrs for other bands and always had to give them their props. I to direct a band to this level in the future.