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The worst casting choice you can think of

I'm sure we can think of something worse!

We have a lot of fun imagining our dream cast for various characters, but what about out nightmare cast? Who is the worst choice for Wolverine you can think of? Here are a couple to get us started:

Adrian Brody

Too tall.

Jaden Smith

Too young. (Plus, we're saving him for Miles Morales, right?)

Mel Gibson

Too racist.
Who do you think the worst possible casting choice for Wolverine would be? Like, if there was only one actor left on this earth, you'd tell them to cancel the movie instead of casting them worst-possible-choice. That bad.
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I agree holes was his best, I don't pay attention to those videos. sorry. @DavidPap
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@VictoriaKessel @DavidPap weirdly I think his best work was the Sia music video he was in XD
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"Actual cannibal Shia LeBouf!" Love that video 馃榿 @shannonl5
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@MajahnNelson ha! He has a great sense of humor too. He was in the spoof of the 'actual cannibal' video, I can def see him as Wolverine now XD
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