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I got one question for CJ McCollum: what did Dirk Nowitzki do to you to deserve this?
Last night the Mavericks played the Blazers at the Rose Garden in Portland. The Blazers are in rebuild-mode, but have two budding stars in the backcourt. One of them is CJ McCollum.
For those who lack league pass and haven't seen C.J. play, he can really shoot the ball.
So.. lets get to the play above. The ball gets reversed to C.J. on a broken play. Dirk is switched onto the guard, and closes out hard. I guess the scouting report told Dirk to close out and protect the rim, because the second C.J. put the ball on the floor he went FLYING at the basket. Sadly, (for Dirk, that is) C.J. hits Dirk with a side crossover, causing the future Hall Of Famer to turn completely around.

What do you guys think? Did C.J shake Dirk out of his kicks, or was this something light? Looks like a man-down play to

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Oooh Dirk just got burned!