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Hey guys, so I've decided to share a rare underrated gem of an amime. If you're into slice of life+comedy: awesomeness. You should give this animu a try, it's really good and a nice breather for a change of pace from all that drama and action anime. So far I'm at episode 9 and it's still going strong. The synopsis is about a prep boy who is placed into a life of a farming school and that's all I can say because I suck at these synopsis but it's really good. Widely available including Netflix (subbed).
@MaighdlinS lol yeah the pigs had curly eyelashes haha
@crazyfury it is pretty factual. I mean obviously the animals were all a lot more friendly and adorable but that's anime for you.
@MaighdlinS so it is pretty legit. Good thing haha because it felt like they were going by factual information
I loved this anime! I studied this stuff in college so I related so much!
@crazyfury I can agree with that. it almost made me want to go to an agricultural high school. lol
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