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Is Kikyo from Inyuasha really that bad?

Hi everyone, so I've been watching anime for a few years now and noticed that, naturally, there are some characters that are just hated.
But I think some aren't justified. Now it's all subjective of course and you're subject to your opinion but I figured I can give my six cents as to why I think some hated characters are not that bad.
I start of course with the title of this post Kikyo from Inyuasha. I won't go into great detail on her backstory as I highly recommend watching the show (seriously it's a great anime). I'll mostly be focusing on what people dislike about her.
I think what most people dislike about her is that she keeps getting in the way of Inuyasha and Kagome' romance. Put yourself in her shoes though; 50 years ago she was thought to be betrayed by the love of her life and now she has the opportunity to get him back.
Now I like Kagome just fine but is she really the one to root for. She's not all that special constantly getting in to trouble and needing Inyuasha to save her. She's not dumb in anyway but seems to lack common sense.
Kikyo is smart, beautiful, kind, she's a wonderful priestess and a very capable fighter. I just don't see any reason to hate her other than ship battles (which I tend to avoid)
Now if you're all for Inuyasha and Kagome that's fine I'm not saying they shouldn't be together I absolutely agree they should. I'm just saying don't hate on Kikyo just because she throughs a few wrenches into the plans of Kogome; I mean can you really blame her?

So what do you guys think?

Am I way off base or out of line? Is Kikyo terrible person she seems to be or is she not that bad? Let me know in the comments below I'm interested in reading what you people think. Anyone from anime you want me to defend? Till next time have a good day all!
not a kagome fan. but that's cuz I'm in love with inuyasha lol. Aside from that I can't stand characters without common sense who can't stick up for themselves and tell ppl what they are feeling. I love kikyo. she is strong. I never hated her. I mean how would you feel when u were living you couldn't really do what you want love who you wanted. but instead u had to be the face of purity and perfection. Then you fall in love with some guy who u think killed you. To be resurrected and find him running around with some chick. She said in one episode she was never able to live as her own woman. So that's also why when she came back she did whatever the F she wanted to do. Towards the end she was able to show Inuyasha some empathy. When she does again he yells I didn't save you and began crying. She says well at least you tried. team kikyo all day. I also may like her more cuz I can relate to her vs kagome.
I feel like Kikyo was cheated and she never got her due
@TylerDurso I believe that kagome stole inuyasha from kikyo, so I'm never gonna really like her and after watching so many episodes, I can safely say that she hasn't grown on me even if she did get less whiny
I don't really like kagome; I believe she's whiny and needy and basically incapable of keeping herself out of trouble nor can she get herself out of it without another's help; kikyo is much stronger and more independent; I'm actually really glad to see some people share my opinion cuz I think kikyo is amazing and deserves such praise :)
Don't really like Kagome, Love Kikyo and I know what happens therefore I will not watch it. 馃槀 I only watched the episodes I could catch on TV.
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