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Hello guys...this is part 5 of our Big Bang "Let's Not Fall In Love" Game . As you know in this game you are on a quest to find you true love but have to turn down the hearts of other members to acquire the heart of you lover . . [If you want to hop in on the game please start >here<]
So at this point in the game you should have

2 Members Left!!

And all i want you to do is choose between them . .
I know it's crazy but you can do it!!! . . . Once your done, leave your choice in the comments!

Follow the Lets Not Fall In Love Collection to get updates on the game!!

. . . After this game is done...what group would you like me to do next?
Seungri 😋. Mmm BTS or got7...? Please tag me in them this was really fun 🤗
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I smell something fishy @KwonOfAKind between top and GD..... I'm going to say top..... Even tho my bias is GD but I JUST SMELL SOMETHING FISHY HERE I SMELL IT!!!
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I'm going to choose T.O.P for the simple fact I feel like people think this is a trick question but it isn't a trick question in which in turns makes it a trick question, maybe...idk ur making me so nervous over this BTW whichever group u choose next I honestly don't care I'm gonna play it whoever it may be
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I also feel like this is a trick question... It smells awfully fishy... I have to pick between my Ultimate Bias, GD, and my second bias, Taeyang. Normally, I would pick GD without hesitation. But since I don't have context and I feel like it could be a trick, I'm more inclined to pick Taeyang. Ugh, this is so hard! Trying to get into your head, @KwonOfAKind, is not easy. I guess I win either way since GD&YB are still in the game for me... Since it worked out on both the previous blind questions (keys and Y/N), I'll go with my gut... I choose Taeyang. Will I be sad with my result tomorrow? Do I win or lose? Fighting!
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@sarahdarwish I have to agree with you on BTS or got7
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