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Shipping Seungri and Sehun on MAMA 2015
So during BIGBANG's performance of Bae Bae during MAMA 2015, Seungri went up to Sehun, sat on his lap and starting singing while stroking his head xD I seriously started screaming when I saw this Live. No better way to end fan wars between EXO-L's and VIP's. Great performances from everyone!!!
I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THEM! ♡♡♡ meanwhile, Lay sitting there with a pokerface like "uh awkward, must keep smiling and wait until this is over" haha cutie ♡ chanyeol's reaction too
Bless this interaction!
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i found this on facebook and originally i thought oh hes singing to Sehun. then i watched the video and freaked out! he was actually sitting on his lap. i loved this!
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that is seungri for you!!
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I ship HunGri. lets go!!! unless of course 2NE1 decides to get close to EXO, I wouldn't mind that..
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That's so cute I loved it sehun his fanboy side has come out his face is priceless so is chanyeols face
2 years ago·Reply
......i dont know ummm whatta bout luhan....whatta bout me 😂😂😂😂
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