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Looks like the situation has taken a new turn. I wonder if Nanami will be able to return to the present safely. What are your predictions for Ch 95? Ch 95 summary will be posted here once the raw comes out. If you want to support me for doing the summary, comment and follow my collection :)
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I liked that Nanami is realizing that Tomoe fell for her and not the real Yukiji. :) And also, the plot thickens. Furball is angry, then there's Akura no Ou... can't wait for the next chapter. xD
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actually from the look of it Nanami still hasn't realized that yet :(
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that's why she keeps saying Tomoe should say what he said to Yukiji instead of to her
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i wonder how the demon king will react. I think everyone forgot about him lol
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thanks for posting the chapters
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